On Your Campus

If you're like most people, you learn best by seeing and doing.  We would love to model and provide resources for the strategies mentioned here on your campus!  

We offer training in the following areas:
Rooted in Reading
This training is a collection of our favorite pre-reading, during reading, and post-reading strategies to increase engagement and deepen thinking.  Strategies include but are not limited to close reading with a targeted passage, genre study, academic vocabulary, poetry analysis, and hands-on inferring activities.  

Writing Wise
Having trouble putting pep in your writing and grammar instruction?  Let us come and share strategies and resources that make writing accessible and engaging for all students.  Strategies include but are not limited to generating ideas for writing, hands-on revising manipulatives, commonly misused words for editing, organizational structures, and sentence coding.  

Write Like a Reader; Read Like a Writer
This training creates a strong link between reading and writing.  A well-chosen text can build vocabulary and deepen thinking while serving as a model for writing and targeted grammar instruction. This collection of our favorite reading and writing strategies is ready to be replicated in your classroom.

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All trainings are for full days (6 hours).  To book, email us at thecurlyclassroom@gmail.com with your preferred training and date.  

We look forward to being in a classroom near you very soon!